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If you're looking to conquer the Italian market with your new board game sensation or launch your next Italian masterpiece worldwide, our professional board game translation services are here to give your game the exceptional care it deserves. With our expertise and passion for board games, we ensure accurate and culturally nuanced translations that resonate with players across the globe. Trust us to bridge the language barrier and unlock new horizons for your game's success.


Because we know board games

Immerse your board game in flawless translations by expert freelance translators with a passion for the art. With over a decade of experience, we combine linguistic mastery with an unwavering love for the captivating realm of board gaming.

Because we have the skills and knowledge

We are Barbara and Alessandro,  freelance translators based in the scenic Alps of Italy. We are passionate about language, nature, our animals, and of course, board games. With our expertise, we bring your game to life through captivating translations. Let's embark on a translation journey together, unlocking new worlds for your game.

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Because we did it before

With a wealth of experience, we've translated over 30 board games for esteemed publishers across Italy, Germany, Russia, and beyond. Our portfolio includes collaborations with Asterion Press, Argentum Verlag, Triton Noir, and numerous others. Trust us to bring your game to life in Italian, English, or Russian. We're available and have experience not only with board games, but can also translate your escape room or investigation games. You already have a rulebook and want to improve it? No problem, just write us. We're up for beta testing as well.

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Let's collaborate and elevate your game to new horizons!

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